Waterfalls! Oregon Coast! And Total Eclipses!

Any who know me, know how much I love the great PNW! This August I took a trip up to Oregon, visiting the coast in Yachats, OR for the total solar eclipse many were raving about, as well as Portland, OR.

Now, first off, the total solar eclipse. HOLY COW. Literally the most awe-inspiring thing I have ever seen. I knew it would be cool, and I was intrigued to see it, but I never imagined it would be as incredible as it was! I now understand why people become "Eclipse Chasers." As happy as I am that I was able to grab a few shots of it, no photo I've seen yet even comes close to the real thing. But here are a couple favorites for you to check out, in case you didn't get to see the real thing yourself!

My favorite thing about the PNW is how GREEN it is. I cannot get enough of it! I had visited Portland for a job doing some headshots. While there, of course I had to visit the famous Multnomah Falls. This place graces my Instagram feed frequently, as I imagine it does yours as well! Again, so much more gorgeous in person than I imagined! If you ever have the opportunity to visit Portland, be sure to make it out to Multnomah! Not only is it itself absolutely breathtaking, but the drive there alongside the Columbia River Gorge isn't so shabby either!

So here are a few favorite shots from this amazing trip. I hope you enjoy them as much I did! Prints are available for purchase as well. If you'd love to have one of your own, send me a contact form and we'll make it happen!

Jason & Sarah

It's not everyday you get to be the photographer at your sister's wedding!  It was definitely a crazy day, but it was a privilege I was happy to be apart of, in documenting this special day. Jason and Sarah had a small wedding with their close friends and family, personalized to what creates them as a couple.  We enjoyed a cocktail and dinner hour serenaded with music by the Beatles and some of their other favorite old time bands.  Their love for the Beatles, of course, had to be incorporated into a few of these photos.  Enjoy!

Stark Suits

On my recent trip to, one of my favorite places in the world, New York City, I had the opportunity to shoot for the up and coming Stark Suits.  On our shoot, Charlie had multiple young men stop him and ask him where he got his dapper wardrobe!  I can't wait to see their new website when it's ready.  Gentlemen, if you like to look sharp, check out Stark Suits for your tailoring needs!

My visit to Texas

A couple weeks ago I took a little trip down to Dallas, Texas to visit some friends and to experience for myself this place they speak of so often.  We also took a drive down to Austin from there.  Coming from LA, I have to say I was quite impressed with these two towns.  They carry the perfect mixture of both nature and metropolis, something I didn't think was possible.  Upon leaving, I wished I had more time there to continue my exploring, and of course, photographing.  I didn't get to do NEARLY as much shooting as I would have liked, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the weekend.  Enjoy.