Martin & Tara Welcoming Ace...

I had SUCH A BLAST with Martin and Tara creating their maternity photos together! In honor of their baby girl, Ace, on the way, we made a little trip out to Palm Springs to grab a few fun photos at the legendary ACE Hotel! From there we found a sweet little spot in the desert for the rest of their session. I’ve gotta say, these two don’t claim to be models, but they should be! Tara is also an incredibly talented Makeup Artist. (You can check out her work on Instagram at @juscallmetara !) I seriously had such a blast working with these two gems and can’t wait to meet their baby girl!


I don't do graduation photos often, but I was recently asked to do some for this gorgeous girl. This shoot was seriously such a blast! Esree wanted to have her grad photos taken in the Arts District of Downtown LA where she visits frequently with her family. It was such a unique take on graduation photos! And her wardrobe choice was to die for! Oh, and if you couldn't tell on your own, Esree is a natural in front of the camera! I can't wait to get her in front of the camera again one of these days!

The Museum of Ice Cream!

You guys! I got to go to the Museum of Ice Cream!!!

So my mother recently turned 60. It dawned on me a few months back that this was happening soon, and I've had a difficult time processing it. My mom has always been in good health, and anyone who knows her knows that she is SUCH A CHILD AT HEART. Anyone who knows her also knows, that she loves ice cream more than anyone you've ever met.

So when I heard about this museum, founded by 25 year-old Maryellis Bunn, I looked into it and decided I just had to take her. So my sister and I got some tickets for us and my nieces (the stinking adorable little girls in these photos) and we took my mom last week as a surprise.

She had no clue what to expect, had never even heard of it, and she absolutely loved it as we ventured into each of the brilliant rooms! The museum was EXACTLY as described in their "About" tab on their website. It's a place that makes you feel like a kid again, especially when you get to go for a swim in that glorious sprinkle pool. (It's been almost a week and my mother is STILL talking about the sprinkle pool!) I personally loved how much artistic creativity went into each room, by artists such as Abel Benton.

The staff was wonderful as well. All decked in pink, they enthusiastically welcomed us into each room, sharing bits and pieces about the room itself and the goodies that came with it! Oh, and I can't forget to mention, we got to indulge in some pretty delicious ice creams and other sweets, from some LA favorites like Salt & Straw, McConnell's, and Little Damages. 

I'd love to tell you more about this fantastic place, but I'd hate to spoil too much for those who have yet to go. I don't know if any more dates or tickets will be made available in Los Angeles, but keep an eye on this museum when they're on the move and make it a goal to go! It's a must!

Runway Waiters

Last Tuesday I was able to work with Ernest Strum, Founder of Runway Waiters.  This is a business definitely worth looking into it when planning your events.  Ernest gives the young models of today an opportunity to keep their careers moving forward.  I had the privilege of working with a group of these young men and women at the Marina Del Rey Hotel Launch Party.