Martin & Tara Welcoming Ace...

I had SUCH A BLAST with Martin and Tara creating their maternity photos together! In honor of their baby girl, Ace, on the way, we made a little trip out to Palm Springs to grab a few fun photos at the legendary ACE Hotel! From there we found a sweet little spot in the desert for the rest of their session. I’ve gotta say, these two don’t claim to be models, but they should be! Tara is also an incredibly talented Makeup Artist. (You can check out her work on Instagram at @juscallmetara !) I seriously had such a blast working with these two gems and can’t wait to meet their baby girl!

The Niehaus Fam

November has certainly been the most popular month for family sessions, and I’m not complaining! In recent years I’m coming to really appreciate family sessions more and more. Being an auntie myself, I’m realizing how valuable and precious these photos really are, since these ages and stages flash right before your eyes and never come back. I’m going to try to be better about blogging (keyword: “try”) so I can share some of these recent, adorable family seshes with you. So we’ll start with the Niehaus family and their handsome, little guy!

A cozy little newborn session...

So some of you may have seen the birth photos I shared in my last blog post of this precious, little family. Of course after little Avery entered the world, we had to capture some newborn photos of her in the comforts of this place she now knows to be her home. Mikey and Chenelle were so kind as to invite me over for this cozy, intimate little session with the three of them. I loved this SO MUCH.

We made use of most of their home for this session, which made it nice and comfortable for little Avery. (And may I also add, how stinkin gorgeous is their home?) It was also so beautiful to observe Mikey and Chenelle in the midst of photographing, as well as in between shots (newborn sessions entail a lot of diaper changes and feeding breaks!) Despite being new parents, they were both so attentive and tender with Avery. It's so evident how much they love her, as well as each other, as they continued to be so considerate to one another whilst caring for their little one's needs. This session was one I will never forget, and I cannot wait to photograph this little fam again in the future.

Welcoming Avery

Holy cow. I love photographing births SO MUCH. Words can't even describe how ecstatic I was when Mikey and Chenelle contacted me about photographing the birth of their first little one.

I was getting antsy in the days and weeks surrounding her due date, especially since she ended up having this little nugget over a week late! But the night finally came when I got the call to head on over to the hospital. Avery was born on April 22nd at 1:12am. A beautiful, perfect baby girl. And her parents, my goodness. Mikey was so attentive and tender to Chenelle. They clearly both fell in love with this baby girl the moment they laid eyes on her. And the way they drew together as a couple was so beautiful and admirable to watch. Geeze. I still can't get over it. I hope you enjoy taking a look through their photos, and experience a glimpse of what I was able to in being there to witness it.

By the way, I've been shooting portraits for nearly 9 years now, weddings for 8, and now I've shot my fourth birth. Let me tell you, there is no occasion that is more REAL and RAW and FULL OF LOVE as this. I can honestly say, in my years of photography, these occasions are truly the most awe-inspiring thing I've been able to be apart of. If you're expecting, and this is something you've been going back and forth on, or maybe hadn't even realized was an option, please send me a contact form and we can talk about the idea some more!