Welcoming Avery

Holy cow. I love photographing births SO MUCH. Words can't even describe how ecstatic I was when Mikey and Chenelle contacted me about photographing the birth of their first little one.

I was getting antsy in the days and weeks surrounding her due date, especially since she ended up having this little nugget over a week late! But the night finally came when I got the call to head on over to the hospital. Avery was born on April 22nd at 1:12am. A beautiful, perfect baby girl. And her parents, my goodness. Mikey was so attentive and tender to Chenelle. They clearly both fell in love with this baby girl the moment they laid eyes on her. And the way they drew together as a couple was so beautiful and admirable to watch. Geeze. I still can't get over it. I hope you enjoy taking a look through their photos, and experience a glimpse of what I was able to in being there to witness it.

By the way, I've been shooting portraits for nearly 9 years now, weddings for 8, and now I've shot my fourth birth. Let me tell you, there is no occasion that is more REAL and RAW and FULL OF LOVE as this. I can honestly say, in my years of photography, these occasions are truly the most awe-inspiring thing I've been able to be apart of. If you're expecting, and this is something you've been going back and forth on, or maybe hadn't even realized was an option, please send me a contact form and we can talk about the idea some more!

Welcoming Baby Reagan

At 3:31 pm on June 10, 2016, David & Rachel welcomed their precious baby girl into the world. One of the sweetest moments I've ever had the privilege of witnessing, was David kneeling down and whispering to Rachel, "She's perfect." The tears were indeed flowing! I'm so happy for these two. They're going to make incredible parents. And I'm so thankful that they chose me to be there to document it.