Hi! I'm Hannah Maisel. I am a worldwide wedding and portrait photographer, based in Southern California where I grew up. A few fun facts about myself... I LOVE traveling and the great outdoors. A few hobbies and loves of mine (outside of photography) include: reading, hiking, watching old films, karaoke, baseball games in the summer, and dogs (I have two that are basically my children!)

Now onto the photography. I fell in love with photography years ago, as a little girl actually. I've always found just the whole concept of being able to turn a moment, a feeling, a persona, or just the warmth of the sun on your face, into something tangible that you can have for decades. So much so that I've spent spent years working at my skill in this field, so I can make these memories and moments tangible for you. There are different forms of portraiture I've taken a liking to, whether it be capturing those you love in your own unique family session, documenting all of the little moments and details that take place on your wedding day, or even the indescribable joy and emotion you'll experience the day your little one is welcomed into the world. (Yes, I document births too!) 

To receive more information on packages and pricing, please visit the Contact page where you can send me an inquiry form. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible! You can also keep up with my recent travels, portraits, and promotions by following Hannah Maisel Photography on Facebook or @hannahmaiselphoto on Instagram.

Sidenote: As previously mentioned, I LOVE to travel. If your photography needs happen to be located outside of SoCal, don't hesitate to get in touch anyways! I'd love to work with you!